Charity Birthday Party Ideas

You’re planning a loved one’s birthday party and you want to do something that reflects their generous personality, so you’re trying to come up with charity birthday party ideas. Why not invite your guests to a party and request that they contribute to an online money gift for the host, with a portion being donated to charity through Smaller Footprints?

Anyone who has had to buy a birthday present will doubtlessly attest to how difficult it can be to buy a gift for the person who seemingly has everything, and giving cash or gift cards often feels incredibly impersonal. Smaller Footprints avoids this problem by offering a variety of charity birthday party ideas that have guests simply taking what they would’ve spent on a traditional gift and instead contributing to an online money gift, with a portion going to a worthy cause.

When you turn to Smaller Footprints for charity birthday party ideas, you’ll be able to send out online party invitations to your guests, explaining to them that they are helping to donate to a charity of the host’s choice. Smaller Footprints offers a variety of attractive invitations to send to your guests. Choose the one that’s best suited to you or the person you’re planning the party for and send it out to all the invitees.

You can choose the percentage amount from the total contributions you receive, allowing you to donate that amount to your chosen charity from the Smaller Footprints web site. Your guests can choose the amount they will contribute to your gift—anywhere from five to 80% of the total amount. This is one of the best charity birthday party ideas you can think of for a loved one.

Too often, gifts get put into storage, gift cards are left unused, and, of course, there’s the dreaded “regift.” By using charity birthday party ideas from Smaller Footprints, you’re giving something back to the community that you, the birthday boy or girl, and your guests can feel good about.

When your party is over, you will receive a cheque in the mail from Smaller Footprints for the amount remaining for the birthday gift after the portion slated for the charity and the service fee have been deducted. The host will also receive a tax receipt from the charity if its minimum gift requirement is met. As charity birthday party ideas go, it’s just that simple. Your cheque will be mailed out to you within five business days—easy, right? Your guests will think this is one of the best charity birthday ideas!

The process for planning your charity birthday with Smaller Footprints is simple: just register, follow the instructions, and choose from the charity birthday party ideas suggested. As the host of a Smaller Footprints charity birthday party, the amount donated to the charity of your choice is greatly appreciated, whether the donation is large or small. It’s a fast, easy process, but the impact of your act of generosity will be felt for years to come.

Smaller Footprints doesn’t just provide charity birthday party ideas: it also offers charity parties for bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, wedding parties, baby showers, bridal showers, and so much more.